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Localization of the plate region is one of the critical tasks in the automatic vehicle license plate recognition (AVLPR) system. In this work, the algorithm for Cambodian license plate localization based on the mid-gray image removal combined with the connected component analysis (CCA) is proposed. We test our proposed technique with 70 images which are captured from some distances and viewpoints. As the result of the simulation, it shows the suc

A Cambodian clay deposit was used for the development of tile formulations using the statistical design of mixture experiments. Besides the clays, commercial feldspar and silica sand (quartz) were also used to prepare ten different tile formulations. The specimens were fabricated by pressing (30 MPa) and then fired at 1170 oC. T e sintered specimens were characterized for their linear firing shrinkage, water absorption and modulus of rupture. Reg

In the last time the driven pile and bored pile foundation are widely used in Cambodia. And for calculation the bearing capacity of bored pile foundation we have a lot of equations to resolve it by using soil parameters from laboratory test and in-situ test such as static cone penetration test, dynamic cone penetration test, pressiometer test and standard penetration SPT.The problem for us is the inability to take undisturbed sample like the sand

This paper presents about our research in social search. Generally, the research in social search falls into two principal challenges. The first challenge is how to find more relevant answers to the question. The second one is how to increase speed in finding relevant answers. Recently, we had provided an algorithm called Question Waves (QW) to find more relevant answers compared to the baseline algorithmbreadth-first search(BFS). But, the search

The recognition phase of an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system produces a ranked list of candidate characters, among which the top one is usally taken as recognition result without taking context into account. Recognition error occurs if the correct character is not at the top, which is mostly due to shape similarity between characters.In this paper we propose to use character trigram, which means that two previous characters are taken in

Strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction (FSI) between diluted slurry of water and CaCO3 particles and a polycarbonate tube was studied numerically. A steel piston was impacted on top of the slurry, causing the generation and propagation of flexural waves in the tube wall and pressure waves in the slurry. Considering homogeneous mixtures as slurry and using the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method, FSI cases with different volume fractions of

In this paper, the relationship between vibration and fatigue life of metal has been investigated. To perform the research, finite element method is used to design two types of steel specimen before the experiment under bending load is conducted on an electro dynamic shaker. In the experiment, the tested frequenciesare around the first natural frequency of the specimens and they are carried out at the frequency ratios r = f/fn (f = excitation fre

Global warming and energy crisis (increasing of energy demands, depletion of fossil fuel, and increasing of fuel price) are hot issues in the world. The Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) production in big cities such as Bandung (Indonesia), which causes Environmental problem such as Green House Gases (GHG)comprised of CH4 and CO2, increases significantly with economic and populations growth. It becomes hard to handle the problem of MSW because the only

This study aims to combine GIS and statistical methods such as Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA) and Multiple Linear Regression to characterize the spatio-temporal variation of groundwater quality and the factors affecting nitrate levels in groundwater of Bolinao. A hundred and twelve (112) wells in total were sampled for water quality including parameters such as pH, DO, ORP, salinity, conductivity, chlorophyll a and nitrate. About half of the nitr

Cet article présente une etude des relations entre les propriétés des sols de la plantation, les effets des opérations technologiques d'extraction et de stockage sur la qualité des huiles et ceci en saison humide et en saison sèche. La teneur en huile des fruits de palme a relation avec saison humide et/ou sèche ainsi que la composition du sol des terrains. La qualité de l`huile de palme au cours de la préparation technologique pendant la saison

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