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In recent years, the CubeSat project has become a useful tool to teach university students about space engineering. Getting started with the CubeSat is still a barrier to educational institutions that are new to space technology. Having a satellite training kit to teach students about satellite is an effective approach. This paper provides a design process of the Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS) of the educational satellite training tool in the f

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The Internet of Things is considered as the next big technology revolution after the invention of the Internet. Data of IoT are very useful and could produce such huge creativity for us to build many useful applications in our daily life. In Cambodia, the IoT is still a new technology for research and development. However, Security and Privacy are the main key issues for IoT and they are still facing some enormous challenges such as DDoS Attack o

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Localization of the plate region is one of the critical tasks in the automatic vehicle license plate recognition (AVLPR) system. In this work, the algorithm for Cambodian license plate localization based on the mid-gray image removal combined with the connected component analysis (CCA) is proposed. We test our proposed technique with 70 images which are captured from some distances and viewpoints. As the result of the simulation, it shows the suc

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