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In urban areas, there is concern that storm water runoff and flooding may be intensified because of the effect of climate change on precipitation amounts, intensities, and frequencies. The objective of this study is to use the Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) to assess the existing drainage’s capacity, to quantify the impact of climate change on existing drainage system and to propose a structural measure for reducing the flood impact. The SWM

Accelerated soil erosion caused by water is one of the most widespread problems affecting environmental quality, agricultural productivity, and food security in many countries. These issues tend to cause more severe impacts on developing countries, especially in the tropical highland areas. Therefore, this study was conducted in the Prek Thnot Basin, a sub-catchment of the Mekong Basin in Cambodia, to (1) simulate sediment yield at the outlet by

Herbs and spices are known to have high biological activities such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, and so on. However, it depends on the types of bioactive compounds present in the extracts. The quality of the extracts is strongly dependent on the extraction method and extraction conditions. In this study, we focused on the investigation of the effect of extraction time and solvent types on the extraction yield of bioactive compounds such as total

The aim of this study is to investigate the organic petrology of shale in Phnom Mreach, Angkor Chum District, Siem Reap province, onshore Cambodia. Thin-section is carried out to analyze mineral compositions, sedimentary texture, and shale classification. Polish-section is used to identify the types of organic matter under reflected light. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) is analyzed for further detailed study on types and morphology of organic

Natural rubber (NR) is often compounded with inorganic fillers such as clay to broaden its applications, reduce the production cost, and also to impart good mechanical properties. In this study, the effect of local clay on physical and mechanical properties of Cambodian clay-filled natural rubber latex foams was investigated. The natural rubber latex foam was produced via the Dunlop method through the conventional vulcanization system with sulfur

Facing many issues of insufficient electricity from the grid and especially frequent blackout, most factories, apartments, and hotels that are operating a cooking machine, extruder machine, and server spend much cost on waiting time, machine maintenance, replaced raw material, and labor. Therefore, ensuring sufficient and stable electricity becomes the main role to solve this problem. This paper provides SOGE hybrid system design concept that can

Cambodia's first CubeSat Apsara-1 is being developed through an ongoing collaboration between the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and the University of Tokyo. In the early project phase, simulation methods are required for mission design. One important component, needed to predict the mission lifetime, is an orbital simulator. For example, Apsara1 is planned to be launched into orbit in 2024 when solar activity is near its peak, leading to hi

Humans have fast and accurate visual system that allows them to perform complex tasks like driving with a little consciousness. Without visual system, UAV cannot do complex tasks like humans. When UAVs are equipped with visual system and trained with fast and accurate model, they will be able to carry out even more complex tasks such as autonomous landing. Computer vision is a technique suitable for UAV visual system. In this paper, we consider a

In mobile robotic field, one of the most important tasks in mobile robot navigation is Robot Localization. Localization is the task of determining the location of the robot inside the environment at a specific time step. To obtain the position and the orientation of the robot, various sensors have been utilized along with implementation of numerous kinds of algorithms. In this paper, the sensor fusion based on Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) algorit

In the past decades, many research and experiment on hybrid rocket propulsion has grown rapidly. Such rocket propulsion is considered as green propulsion system as the exhaust products cause less harm to the environment. Unlike solid rocket and liquid rocket propulsion, hybrid rocket propulsion takes the advantage that the fuel is in solid form while the oxidizer is in liquid or gaseous form. Any leakage of the oxidizer piping system will not res

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